Human Capital Management (HCM)

Implementing HCM technology

Owning the best HCM technology will do you no good unless your leaders and employees use the application. Workforce Management Strategies understands that user acceptance is perhaps even more important than high-end functional capabilities. In our experience, we have found there is a mixture of detail and strategy in every implementation. Many design teams error on one side or the other. Some overly focus on the technical details, such as defining a rating scale, and they miss the implication of how that detail impacts retention of top talent. Others may not spend enough time on the details causing the technology to be cumbersome, complicated or duplicative of other systems which later jeopardizes the creditability of the application.

“Successful human capital management technology is not an HR tool. Rather, human capital management technology solutions are management tools providing accurate, on-demand information so leaders can take charge of the people actions needed to achieve business results.”

- Nancy Heet, President
Workforce Management Strategies, LLC

Most of all, Workforce Management Strategies brings the experience of living with an HCM application beyond the initial roll out phase to ensure your configuration decisions will serve your managers and employees effectively today and will grow with you well into the future.

We can prepare communications, internal marketing campaigns, training, end-user reference tools and can fill other administrative support roles that are critical for a successful implementation.