Assessments provide individuals, leaders and HR professionals with information to understand themselves and those around them. When done with a clearly defined purpose, assessments can enhance careers, build and improve team performance, improve selection processes, or help leaders better understand the "culture" of their organizations; all of which provide valuable insights for improving the effectiveness of an individual or an organization.

Integrate Assessments into Training

As an authorized distributor of Inscape™ products, Workforce Management Strategies, LLC can show you fast, easy ways to deliver individualized assessment-driven classroom training. idXready™ is unlike other training programs on the market. Designed with today's fast-paced workplace in mind, these half- to full-day programs are flexible and include:

  • Online prework
  • Individualized Participant Workbooks
  • Professional PowerPoint© slide decks
  • Engaging video
  • Contemporary experiential and processing activities

idXready™ programs are easy to prepare and deliver and include:

  • Fully scripted Leader's Guide to make preparation easy
  • Integrated video and PowerPoint© to make presenting seamless
  • Experiential and processing activities to ensure desired learning outcomes are achieved
  • Structure to ensure consistent delivery every time
  • idXready™ creates a uniquely powerful and personal learning experience. Learn more by clicking on the links below.

    idXready™ Collaborative Skills for Teams

    idXready™ Capitalizing on Team Talents

    idXready™ DiSC®-Powered Selling

    idXready™ Frontline Management: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Style

    idXready™ Improving Your Listening Skills

    idXready™ Conflict Management: A DiSC®-Based Approach

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